I wanted to pen down this incident for a while now. I have been procrastinating and waiting for the right opportunity to relive that night with this piece. Job hunting plays a crucial role in this story. So, it is important to lay it out. It was one of those job-hunting days in August 2020 when the job market was stagnant, and finding a job was the most challenging thing to do. I was so close to getting a job right before the pandemic, but I think life had other plans. I had to go through this unemployment period to come out stronger and much more resilient.

I have few friends who got placed right before the pandemic hit, and few people had to wait and struggle to land a job. Everyone has their journey, and one has to go through difficulties to become a better person overall. Few things are beyond control, and you have to keep doing your part and give your best.

It was just a typical day. Applying, studying, interviewing, and finishing off the day with the exhaustion of not getting anywhere. I met someone later that night who said the most absurd thing regarding the job-hunting and just questioned my credibility. It took me aback, and I went out for a walk at 11:30 pm to clear my head and stop myself from overthinking.

I bought a soda from a gas station to drink peacefully in the beautiful Douglas campus, which is just behind the place I was living. I was sitting at the chapel’s stairs, listening to the music. Trying to push away the thoughts and questioning my self-worth. Push away the thoughts like ‘why me’? ‘When is this going to end’?

I was sitting and was almost about to cry out of frustration. I saw an animal near the famous ‘kissing bridge’ on the campus, and it sure was not romantic. I thought it is my hangover from Fleabag, the acclaimed British series on Amazon Prime (a phenomenal series btw ) and I felt the animal in front of me is a fox. For context, in the Fleabag show, the protagonist is a Priest and complains that foxes have been hunting him at unusual places. To quote the Priest “Foxes have been after me for years. It’s like they have a pact or something.” He explains that his relationship with foxes began long before he met Fleabag(the woman with whom he fell in love eventually but chose God over her), including one time he was on a toilet in a train and a fox tried to get through the window. He was also at a monastery and woke up with a fox pointing at him out his window. A fox comes out of the blue, every time he questions his faith in God or reconsiders leaving his job as a celibate priest.

I am not an American and not very familiar with coyotes, a species native to North America. I misunderstood it for a fox. I got scared and just looked at the animal 50 meters away from me at midnight in a deserted Post-Covid campus. I was scared if it will attack me and stayed calm to show that I mean no harm. At that moment, I thought the universe is trying to give me some sign. Right in front of a church’s stairs, there was a coyote/ fox. Let’s assume it was a fox to make my story cooler. There it was, right in front of me with the whole Fleabag setting: a Church, a drink, a troubled mind, and questioning faith in GOD.

A year ago, I was alerted by the university regarding coyote sightings on the campus. One year later, I see a coyote/ fox out of the blue not more than 50 meters away on a different campus. Harmless and quiet. It was mystical. I cannot describe that night.

I have been trying to pen down this coolest story without sounding like a lunatic but what I witnessed was nothing short of mystical.

P.S It was a soda bottle. I was not hallucinating and wasn’t drunk either. It was just one of those days when you need some signs from the universe to restore your faith.




A DAY IN THE LIFE. Extroverts hibernate and write too.

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Monika Tatawat

Monika Tatawat

A DAY IN THE LIFE. Extroverts hibernate and write too.

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